Welcome to EPAA!


After back breaking work and nearly two years of research, we are delighted to announce the Executive & Personal Assistants Association is now OPEN!

A new national body for one of the most unique, diverse and talented professions in the working world!

Our mission is clear ‘We champion, promote and develop the Assistant profession’

We commit to providing a supportive, inclusive, innovative and empowering environment, where our members can develop expertise to maximise effectiveness and satisfaction in their Assistant careers.

Our long term strategic priorities and aims include; 

  • Change and challenge the EA/PA landscape
  • Continuing to improve our employee value proposition
  • Providing a greater voice on strategic business issues
  • Increasing and empowering people management activities

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Membership of EPAA provides you with national events, new qualifications, training courses, campaigns, structured research, mentoring and coaching and so much more.

Our grades of membership can be found here – http://epaa.org.uk/membership-levels/


We believe there has never been a better time to be or become an Executive or Personal Assistant!